Can I Do It All?

Being someone who has varied interests and believes I can excel in them all (did I actually just say that?!!) I have often been faced with the dilemma of what to devote my time to.

The lines become blurred and often I am left so confused that I end up doing nothing at all.

That’s changed for me now – I think – after a conversation one evening with a dear friend, Yuvna Damani (who also just happens to be this amazing chef, an extremely focused and adept business woman AND the proprietress of Spoonful of Sugar).

She shared a blog post with me: How To Live Your Passions: Stop Confusing Hobbies with Passions and we discussed it at length. Thank you Yuvna! I’ve started looking at things very differently and with such clarity since that evening.

I’ve realised that there is an important difference between which of my ‘interests’ are merely that – just interests or hobbies – and which ONE interest is something I see myself doing every day, forever, come what may.

I have worked with writing before, but now I truly do believe that writing is my “passion”.

If nothing else, at least I can see that there is a distinction between one’s hobbies and one’s passion!

It may be of vital importance to also mention at this point, that I am a full time mother of an 11-month-old boy. After my son was born, I did take a break from working for some months, almost a year actually – one of the benefits of working freelance I guess. But now I want to continue from where I left off.

This blog is going to be about my journey with all the things that interest me as well as my journey into figuring out specifically what it is that I want to do – work-wise and otherwise – with my passion of writing, while all the while seeking to answer the question – Can I pursue everything that interests me?

Can I do it all?


One thought on “Can I Do It All?

  1. Gitu! Stumbled across your blog and I am so proud of you. The issues you discuss are relevant to (I was going to say young but actually age doesn’t really come into it) people everywhere…keep going, looking forward to more already! Much love, Malu.


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