I Believe In This

While trying to figure out what I want to do with my writing, one thing has become clear – I only want to write about things I’m passionate about.

I have previously taken on content writing or corporate communications projects where I’ve written for companies or products that – I wouldn’t say I didn’t care about, but that perhaps didn’t strike a chord with me – it was just a job to do. I didn’t realise it then, but I think it showed in my writing.

More than that, in hindsight, there were instances when writing became something I didn’t look forward to – a task that somehow had to be completed. It turned something I enjoyed into something that I dreaded!

Today I’ve written my first ever blog post – Is Volunteering For You?

It’s for a company, brand and concept I believe in and support. www.pledgeback.org

I can’t thank you enough, Rohan Abraham for this opportunity.

I see the difference immediately – I am so excited to have written this and I am looking forward to writing more. It is not ‘a job’. I feel that my heart and soul is in it and that kind of a rush is truly amazing!


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