Diving into Unconsciousness

I am absolutely delighted to have come across this post. A couple of weeks ago, in my post entitled How Do YOU Write?, one of the things I spoke about was the rare moments when my best writing happens. I struggled to find the words to express the feeling and the process accurately……but now I have found the correct words here in this post by Munchow. This is exactly what I was talking about!

In Flow with Otto

Andektig morgenstemning på toppen av Green Lotus Hill

Some time ago I was asked to write about surrender in the creative process for the online zine Courageous Creativity published by Flying Chickadee. The article was published in the May issue of the zine. I here repost the article and hope you will enjoy it – and maybe even look up Courageous Creativity which I think is a very interesting zine. The article takes elements of what I have written on this blog before, but put it together in a more coherent way.

The first time I discovered the beauty – yes beauty, despite the doubt and ambiguity it creates – of surrendering to the unconscious mind in the creative moment, was almost 25 years ago. I was photographing a Chinese New Year celebration in Chinatown, New York during a time when I was struggling with my photographic vision.

Suddenly during the shooting process, I felt like I was…

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