Seeing Stars! (A foray into children’s birthday parties)


One day, when my son was around five or six months old, it dawned on me that I would soon have to enter the world of children’s birthday parties. I had never been part of organising one and other than those I’d been a part of as a child, I hadn’t even attended many.

This post is two months overdue! But seeing as today is MY birthday, perhaps it is an appropriate day to (finally!) write about – or rather share through photos – what I did for my son’s first birthday party.

Being a novice, I decided to keep the theme relatively simple, especially since my husband and I had decided to invite all of our family and closest friends as well. It thus wasn’t a ‘kids’ party’ in the true sense, but did give me an insight into what my son’s next few birthdays could possibly entail!

Initially I wanted to do just a colour theme and after some pondering, the colours of most infant toys – primary red, yellow and blue – are what I decided to go with. Such happy colours!

As I began exploring invitation card options and came across many ‘our little pirate’ or ‘our little butterfly’ themed cards, I suddenly knew that I wanted to also include stars in the theme. Our son is, after all, our little star!

Here are some pictures of the red, yellow and blue star themed birthday party:


adam's bday-002

An idea is nothing without effective and timely execution and I am indeed very lucky to be surrounded by extremely talented friends and family who helped me turn my ideas (on the invitation, decorations, cake, take-home gifts and photography for the day) into reality. Almost everything was made either by me or someone I personally know and that’s what made the day extra special. If you are from Bangalore and would like more details about any of the ‘execute-ers’ please do leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

This undertaking has also re-introduced me to the world of crafting after many, many years. Who knows, it might just become a hobby I end up exploring further! I did, after all, really enjoy making that birthday banner and those strings of stars…..

3 thoughts on “Seeing Stars! (A foray into children’s birthday parties)

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  1. WOW Bean, what an amazing scene for a party. You really should take this up as a profession. You obviously have a gift and talent here. Now you could come over to Perth to set the scene for My son’s bday on Saturday. The star scene will be perfect for him as well coz he is my 20 year old shining star. Love you, Carolyn


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