No writing, much eating and a new category

Every once in a while, I do not feel like doing the thing I love the most – writing. I find myself in a position where I have absolutely no urge to put pen to paper and usually when this happens, I feel rather rotten and begin moping around feeling very sorry for myself. Such was the case after my post of 23rd August – I just didn’t feel like writing anything for about ten days.

In the this instance, the ‘rotten’ feeling was compounded by the fact that the entire household was a bit under the weather – even my little son, who had some sort of a viral flu that included the nastiest cough.

But this time I decided to do something other than fretting about why I didn’t feel like writing, to stop myself from going into that downward spiral.

I said to myself – “I don’t feel like writing, so that’s that. What do I feel like doing instead?”

And the answer was – cooking!

So over the next week I cooked. I made Shepherd’s Pie, Kerala Style Beef Fry, Dal Maharani, Lemon Sponge Cake, Date Crumble Slices, Grilled Lemon Chicken, Baked Tomatoes with Mozzarella, a chicken casserole and maybe a few other ‘comfort’ dishes that I just cannot remember right now!

I cooked, I fed my family, I ate, and I looked after my son. I didn’t do much else. And I felt very, very happy indeed! I also began watching a new (for me) TV show – Downton Abbey. After a long time I have come across a show that I am completely “into.” (I wonder what Carson would have to say about that phrase or if I told him about my “downtime with Downton”!)

Then my son began to get well, my energy returned, the writing spell seemed to lift and I once again had things to say. But alas, other responsibilities took precedence and held the writing back a while longer.

Anyway, it’s been nearly a month and hopefully now I shall be able to write more often and oh yes, this brings me to the third part of the title of this post – a new category. I actually started a new blog during this period, but all the starting and stopping has given me some more time to consider things and I think I’m going to start a new category in this blog instead, called Condensed Contemplations. Under it you will find quotes by me – things that I’ve found to be true and have managed to condense into a sentence or two.

I think what I am learning is that even when it comes to the things we enjoy doing the most, sometimes a hiatus is not only ‘ok’, but may even be required.


2 thoughts on “No writing, much eating and a new category

  1. I feel very encouraged by reading this post because the same thing happened to me recently and although I was tempted to beat myself up about not writing, I decided to put my energies into other things and it’s been very refreshing. I do still write a little every day but I’m no longer stressing about the novel I’m in the middle of, it can wait and I’ll get back to it eventually, or if I don’t I’ll have moved on to something else. I’m really glad you’ve been enjoying cooking, I have a similar thing with baking as a break from writing and it can be wonderfully satisfying. I’m glad the illnesses are abating and I look forward to your Condensed Contemplations.


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