Daily Prompt: An Odd Trio

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “An Odd Trio.”


“Sun block – check. Straw hat – check. Book – check. Beach towel – check.”

She zipped up her enormous beach bag and stepped out of her air-conditioned car.

Wham! The heat and humidity hit her.

“Was it this hot when I left home?” she wondered, but was quite certain it hadn’t been. “An iced tea would do nicely before the beach.”

She started walking across the parking lot towards the row of tiny beachside cafes, debating whether to stick to a tried and tested one or to try out a new place instead.

“The Black Cat. What an odd name for a café!” she thought as two workers carrying a shiny new signboard crossed her path on their way to one of the ‘opening soon’ cafes.

She decided to go to Jimmy’s.

“I’ll have a peach iced tea and a portion of fries. But please bring them together.”

And then suddenly the humidity and the heat made sense, for it started to rain. It came down heavy.

She sighed and signalled to the waiter.

“Could I change that to a bowl of soup please?”

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