Liebster Award

liebster award

I recently started blogging again, after a gap of 2 years! So thank you jillypopmusic for this nomination, which came just a few days after this – every bit of encouragement to keep blogging really helps.

The rules of the Liebster Award nomination are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who nominated and link back to their blog.
Display the Liebster Award on your blog.
  3. Share 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Answer the 11 questions you were asked.
  5. Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers for the award, by asking them 11 new questions (or have them answer the questions you were asked).
  6. Make sure to let the bloggers know you’ve nominated them!
Don’t forget to copy the rules into your post!


Eleven Random Facts about myself:

  1. I firmly believe that a person’s actions, not their words tell you everything you need to know about them.
  2. One of my biggest regrets is that I never met Michael Jackson
  3. I hate the word ‘selfie’
  4. I love the word ‘serendipity’
  5. I find it bizarre that while I share a birthday with India’s former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, his son and my son share a birthday too.
  6. I get my best ideas for writing just as I am about to fall asleep.
  7. The prettiest place I have visited is Capri, Italy
  8. I love British television detective and comedy serials – Miss Marple, Midsomer Murders, Fawlty Towers, Keeping Up Appearances, Inspector Morse…it’s quite a long list actually.
  9. When it comes to cakes, pastries and other baked goodies, I think the Portuguese and the Germans do it best.
  10. In my next life I would like to be a world famous sportsperson, singer or figure skater.
  11. I would love to travel the entire length of Route 66 in a caravan


The 11 questions I was asked:

1.What got you started with your blog?

During the first year of my son’s life, I didn’t get to do much of any of my favourite things – reading, travelling, taking photos, cooking and most importantly, writing. I started the blog after he turned one, just to have a place where I could write whenever I wanted to – a place to express myself and to practice my writing. A place where I was doing something that was just for me. I also wanted a platform to share my prior experiences with travelling and photography.

2.Please link to your favorite post you have written and why is it your favorite?

My favourite post that I have written is ‘Like’ it or Not, which I posted more than two years ago. It’s my favourite because I think it gives one something to think about and I like posts that give one something to think about.

3.What is your favorite color?

It used to be black. I don’t have one anymore.

4.If a movie were to be played about your life, who would play you?

Salma Hayek

5.Where would you like to travel that you haven’t travelled to yet?

Bora Bora

6.What was your favorite book or movie as a child?

The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton

7.What is your favorite season and why?

Spring – When I think of Spring I think of hope and new beginnings.

8.What is your astrological sign and do you feel it describes your personality?

Leo. It does!

9.Do you have a bucket list? What is number 1?


10.If you like to exercise what’s your favorite type of exercise?

Walking. (Though I’ve been meaning to try Zumba)

11.What’s your dream job?

Copy Editor

Here are my 11 nominations


Should you accept the nomination, here are my 11 questions for you:

  1. Why did you start your blog?
  2. What was the last book you read?
  3. List 3 of your favourite movies or TV shows
  4. What has been your favourite travel destination and why?
  5. What or who would you like to be in your next life?
  6. Which is your favourite blog post that you have written and why?
  7. What motivates you to keep blogging?
  8. Which is your favourite place to sit and write (or type out) your blog posts?
  9. What is your favourite way to relax?
  10. What is your favourite quote?
  11. Whose blog (other than your own 🙂 ) do you find really interesting / fascinating?



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