Reading Challenge 2016 – Book 3: The Mousewife by Rumer Godden


The illustrations in the book are by William Pene du Bois

(My rating: 4/5)

Within this tiny book, with its tiny protagonist, lies a big story about a big heart.

The Mousewife is a tale about the true meaning of friendship and selfless love; of giving someone the opportunity to pursue a dream – a dream that might also be your own dream –  knowing fully well that you may yourself never have the same opportunity; and finally, of rejoicing in the knowledge that you have allowed someone the chance to be happy.

I think it is one of those books where all readers will see several common themes, but also where each reader will take something unique from it and that is a pretty remarkable feat for a book that is only around 40 – 50 pages long!

What encouraged me to buy a book by Rumer Godden was the fact that I was intrigued by what I had heard about her life. I first came across her name in a post by a fellow blogger two years ago and I promptly ordered The Mousewife from Amazon. But I have only read it a few of days ago! (I am so glad I have set myself this 2016 Reading Challenge!)

According to The New York Review of Books edition of The Mousewife:

“Rumer Godden (1907 – 1998) grew up in India, where her father ran a steamship company. When her husband left her penniless in Calcutta with two daughters to raise, she started to write books to pay off her debts. She wrote more than sixty books for adults and young adults, including The Doll’s House, The Greengage Summer and An Episode of Sparrows.”

The Rumer Godden Trust website has a more detailed Biography:

I now definitely want to read more of her books, (especially Black Narcissus and her two-volume autobiography) though I think they may be hard to come by, especially in India.

Have you read any books by Rumer Godden?


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