I weep not because I feel defeated

Nor because I am overwhelmed.

The effort at times seems pointless

Yet I know I must continue.

I weep not for the abandoned dreams

That lie by the wayside, beseeching.

Ghosts from another time, another world

Enticing me to be merry and whole again.

I weep not for the sacrifices

That go unnoticed to their graves.

The flames of youth, energy and time

Will soon be but a flicker in the wind.

I weep not because of the vultures,

Those that would see me fail.

Their pointed fingers, their smirking faces

Waiting for the moment I fall.

I weep today because I am tired

And tears are my only relief.

But don’t rejoice yet; return tomorrow

For tomorrow, tomorrow I’ll be smiling again.

-Gitanjali Singh Cherian


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