My Blog: Then & Now – WRITING

(Part 2 of My Blog: Then and Now – Taking stock of my blog’s main categories and examining what has changed since I first began blogging in 2013)

 Under the writing category of my blog my aim when I first began blogging in 2013 was to accomplish two things:

  1. To showcase my work, which at the time was freelancing in corporate communications and as a ghost-writer.
  2. To write about and discuss the process of writing, as well as gain knowledge from other blogging writers, as I completed my collection of short stories and began attempting to write books that till then had been only concepts.

But over the past 3 years my circumstances have changed and as a result, for the time being, I am no longer able to pursue working as a freelance writer and neither have I been in the frame of mind to complete the works of fiction I have begun. So you won’t, for the time being at least, find any posts on those topics.

Currently my days are taken up with numerous tasks that have arisen out of the responsibilities I have taken on, which also include child and elder care, amongst other time consuming activities.

What has come back to me however after a very, very long slump is my love for reading. And I do believe writing and reading go hand in hand; you can’t have one without the other.

I hadn’t blogged in over 2 years and I re-started blogging again around the time the reading bug caught up with me again. What a happy moment that was!

So now I practice my writing by doing book reviews of the books I read. I would like to believe that all this reading of other people’s writing will help me whenever I eventually make the time and get into the frame of mind to write again – both for work and to complete those other chapters that are waiting to be closed.

My books and this blog have become something I go to everyday that is just for me. Nobody has a say in it. Whatever other expected or unexpected demands may arise out of the responsibilities I have committed to see through and that often make me feel trapped and without any freedom to do exactly as I want, when I want – these are two things that always allow me that freedom. And I am truly grateful for this realisation.

Another area that has cropped up under my interest in writing is Condensed Contemplations, which is the title I have given to my little observations on life; things that I have found to be true and have managed to condense into a sentence or two. I must mention here that it is those very circumstances that have pulled me away from writing for work and to complete my books that have given rise to these observations of people, human nature and life in general. I think out of every unpleasant situation one must try to find the positive, for it often exists, but we just don’t see it while it is happening.

Another writing area I have found great pleasure in trying my hand at of late is writing poetry. It might not be what is considered ‘good’ poetry, but it sure as hell is a great way to express exactly how I’m feeling in a concise manner. I love how it gives me the opportunity to express so much more in just a few words than I am able to in pages and pages! That to me is the beauty of poetry.

So there you have it. Book reviews, dabbling in poetry and my Condensed Contemplations are the new ways I am trying to keep my love for writing alive.

Thank you for reading! I would love to know how you find ways to keep the writing alive on days when you just don’t feel like it or are unable to make the time.


3 thoughts on “My Blog: Then & Now – WRITING

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  2. Nice write up.
    Context changes with changing situations!
    For me since my blog is essentially a photo blog it’s quite time consuming process to transfer pictures on to blog and to write. I’m unable to blog as much as I would like to. but then that’s how things are.

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