My Blog: Then & Now

It will soon be 3 years since I first began this blog, and as I began thinking that perhaps it was time to update my ‘About’ page, I simultaneously realised that so much has changed in these 3 years.

I started the blog to have a place for all my interests and to build a platform to showcase my work, which at the time was freelancing in corporate communications and as a ghostwriter.

The purpose of the blog – to have a place for all my interests – hasn’t changed and neither have those interests, but they have taken new shapes and forms.

My circumstances have changed, my responsibilities have changed and I have also changed; maybe a more positive way of putting that last phrase would be to say that I have (hopefully) evolved.

I have:

– made some sacrifices

– taken on a couple of tough responsibilities

– been through (and am still going through) some trying times

– watched my son grow from an 11 month old baby to a nearly 4 year old child

– have tried to become a better mother every day (and I am still trying)

– overcome personal challenges (and am still overcoming some of them)

– begun to understand human nature a little better and more importantly, begun to accept it

– begun to adapt better and quicker to the frequent and daily unexpected problems that are endemic to my current life situation and surroundings

– learnt to make the most of the happy and peaceful times whenever they come, instead of waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment.

– become extremely grateful for the anchors in my stormy life (my husband, my parents and a few close friends)

I realise that this list could go on and on, for so much has happened these past few years. But I shall leave it here for now.

While I go about updating my About page and also changing the name of my blog and tagline (for I feel they no longer represent my current situation) I will also be writing a few longer posts on each of the main areas of my blog to examine what has changed since 2013, and will be posting these over the next few days.

This is an exercise I am doing more for myself than for my blog readers, so please bear with me 🙂

Writing about something always helps you introspect, put things into perspective, make new goals and most importantly, adapt and evolve.

In the mean time, do visit my updated About page! Your feedback is welcome.


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