My Blog: Then and Now – PHOTOGRAPHY / TRAVEL

 (Part 3 of My Blog: Then and Now – Taking stock of my blog’s main categories and examining what has changed since I first began blogging in 2013)

I rarely take photos these days, but I find I still have much to show from the collection of photos I took from around 2005 till 2012. Hence, it is photos from that era that will usually feature in this blog, with the occasional current one. So as far as the Photography category goes, the purpose has pretty much stayed the same since I first began blogging.

I am grateful for events such as The Weekly Photo Challenge, Thursday Doors by Norm 2.0 and Travel Theme by Ailsa which provide me a platform to share photos that would otherwise most probably just remain nothing more than a bit of memory space on a hard disk. I am looking forward to checking out more of these events on WordPress.

The reason I am writing about the categories of Photography and Travel together is that most of the photos I enjoy taking are while I travel and I haven’t done much traveling either since 2012. So the Travel Tales that I hope to write more about will also be from the same ‘era’ as the photos. I have recently unearthed the travel journal I used to carry on all my trips, jotting down notes wherever I went. I’m hoping this will jog my memory and hopefully the Travel Tales category shall also fill up in the coming months.


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