Reading Challenge 2016: Book 10 – The Full Cupboard of Life by Alexander McCall Smith


(My Rating: 4/5)

The fifth book in the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Series is filled with delightful little observations on and insights into the differences between men and women and the nature of their relationships.

While most of these observations are humourous and described with wit, there are also subtle, meaningful messages regarding how people in a relationship should treat each other – for example, that in difficult situations it is best to be honest rather than skirt uncomfortable discussions.

There are also observations on human beings in general and the state of our society today. For example, Mma Ramotswe reflects:

“We do not talk about wise men or wise ladies any more, she reflected; their place had been taken, it seemed, by all sorts of shallow people – actors and the like – who were only too ready to pronounce on all sorts of subjects. It was worse, she thought, in other countries, but it was beginning to happen in Botswana and she did not like it. She, for one, would never pay any attention to the views of such people; she would far rather listen to a person who had done something real in life; these people knew what they were talking about.”

The books in the series, as I might have mentioned in my previous reviews, remind me to slow down, enjoy life and the things happening around me right now. They are funny and I find myself smiling every few pages. McCall Smith crafts very believable characters and his prose reads at a beautifully calming pace.

This book also had what I think was the best chapter title I have come across amongst all the books I have every read:

Chapter Eight

Tea Is Always The Solution

Oh how I loved that and wholeheartedly agree!

Finally, I enjoyed the little surprise with which the book ended.



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