Daily Prompt: Deprive

I often wonder, as I’m sure many parents do, whether I will be able to provide for my son all that he requires as he grows from a child to an adult, or whether circumstances may force me to deprive him of certain things. It’s so easy to worry about the future when you have a child, whether or not the present situation warrants it. For example, will he be deprived of:

  • a good education?
  • all the right opportunities in his life?
  • a room of his own?

My list goes on. There are major worries and there are small, silly worries. There justified worries and unwarranted ones, the latter merely a creation of my over-thinking mind.

The realisation has however dawned on me that one cannot know today what tomorrow will bring. So many times, as life has already shown me, we find ourselves victims of circumstances that have eluded our control.

Thus while I can of course do my best to ensure that my son is not deprived of the things I would like him to experience in his life, I have to recognise that in the future there will be some circumstances that will be beyond my control. I might not be able to do anything about them when they occur and I certainly cannot do anything about them right now. Hence worrying about these things, and getting stressed and upset is indeed a waste of ‘NOW’.

This thinking has led me to another realisation, which is that there are certain things that are in my control and that I need never deprive my son of:

  • my love
  • putting his needs before mine
  • the assurance and security that I am there for him
  • the example of how to make the most of whatever circumstances he may find himself in
  • the experience of satisfaction that comes from putting someone else’s joy before your own
  • the example of being content with what one has, yet pushing oneself every day, relentlessly, to achieve one’s dreams
  • the example of standing up for oneself
  • the example of being grateful and appreciative of the blessings one has
  • the example of doing what is right

These are the things that will always be in my control.

This list too, when I think about it, goes on and on. And guess what – the things on this second list are the things that (to me at least) really matter in the end.

So instead of worrying about what I may or may not be forced to deprive him of tomorrow, I am going to focus on what I will not deprive him of today.

In response to the Daily Prompt of 27th July 2016 – Deprive

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  1. Gitanjali we humans often worry about things that are yet to unfold. worry for things beyond our control! While we have plans for life, we don’t know what plans life has for us. The right way to live as per me is not to tense and accept what’s in store for us. Let me appreciate your outlook towards future. 🙂

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