All Together Now!…OR…One By One?

I wouldn’t be surprised if that ambiguous title has you confused and you’re wondering if I have rightly categorised and tagged this post under ‘books’.

So let me quickly say that I am indeed talking about books; in specific, about how you like to read them. Do you simultaneously juggle two or three books or do you prefer to give all your attention to just one at a time?

What do you feel are the pros and cons?

When reading a long and ‘heavy’ book I sometimes like to read something light (and perhaps frivolous) alongside, just to give my mind a break. I do however find that this can come in the way of getting completely absorbed in a book and half the joy of a book, in my opinion, is about being transported to another place, time or situation. So I try not to do too much of that, especially when it comes to reading fiction.

I think reading more than one book works fine if only one of those books is fiction and the other(s) is/are non-fiction. Somehow I find it easier to switch off from non-fiction and not get emotionally attached to the book, as is usually the case for me with fiction.

So what works for you? I would love to know!


10 thoughts on “All Together Now!…OR…One By One?

  1. I tend to read three at the same time – one factual, one fiction and one crime or sci-fi or something else light. And I read them at specific times of the day – factual in the afternoon when my brain’s at its peak (in theory!), fiction to get absorbed in in the evening, and the light book for pre-bedtime reading to relax with. But if I get totally absorbed in a book, of whichever kind, the other two get put aside… I actually read more that way than if I just stick to one book – however good it is, I tend to not be able to stick with one book for more than a couple of hours, though there have been exceptions to that which have kept me up most of the night!

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  2. Earlier I would almost get mad at people who would juggle between books. But now, I am one of them. At present I have close to 5 or 6 half finished books. The reason is simple, a new one comes and I start reading that, and then another one comes and I leave the previous two and start reading that… it’s a vicious circle.

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    • I feel the same way as you and follow the same practice as well. But a fellow blogger recently mentioned that she actually ends up reading more books if she reads 2-3 at a time, of different genres. So I am going to try that out too and see how it works for me – it should be fun to try out someone else’s method 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Amanda 🙂

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