Weekly Photo Challenge:Edge

I have 3 photos for this week’s photo challenge – Edge

At Boca do Inferno, Portugal
At Boca do Inferno, Portugal
At The Palace of Versailles, France


Thursday Doors – Balcony Doors in Porto, Portugal

My entry for last week’s Thursday Doors challenge featured the striking yellow and blue balcony doors of the Plaza de la Constitución in San Sebastian, Spain.

I thought I’d stick with balcony doors this week too, so here is my entry, taken in Porto, Portugal. I am a big fan of Azulejo tiles!


In response to Thursday Doors by Norm 2.0

Doors in Rural Tibet

I was quite happy when I saw this week’s Discover Challenge topic. I am already a big fan of and have participated a few times in Thursday Doors by Norm 2.0 so it is a happy coincidence that the two challenges appear have coincided with each other.

When I first heard about Thursday Doors I began looking back at photographs I had taken over the years on my travels and I was surprised to see how many pictures of doors I had unintentionally already taken!

Now I find myself making it a point to look for interesting doors when I am out and about.

So I guess my story behind the doors you will see on this blog is of a latent hobby, one that already existed, but just hadn’t been brought to light.

Before I move on to today’s entry, here are the links to some of my favourite previous posts on doors, the first being my most favourite, simply because of the number of fabulous and unique doors contained in a single property.

  1. Doors at Neemrana Fort Palace, India
  2. Door at Obidos Castle, Portugal 
  3. Door at Vista Alegre Bullring, Spain 

For my entry for the WP Challenge, here are photographs I took of a few doors in rural Tibet, while on a road journey there in 2009.




Continue reading “Doors in Rural Tibet”

Monument in Focus: Vendôme Column, Paris

I am always amazed at how some historical monuments are remembrances of not just single significant events but often of years and eras, sometimes unintentionally so! It’s as if the achievements, sacrifices, desires, faith and/or purpose of hundreds and sometimes millions of lives are contained within a single monument. How powerful is that!

One such monument is the Vendôme Column, located in Place Vendôme in Paris. I took the following pictures on my first and only visit to Paris, in 2011.


“The city of Paris has a great mast, made entirely of bronze, with sculpted Victories and Napoleon as its lookout”  – Balzac

The 42 metre tall column, it was decided the day after the Battle of Austerlitz, would be dedicated to Napoleon’s Grande Armée, though initially there were other plans for a column to be erected in this spot, which you can read about here. Continue reading “Monument in Focus: Vendôme Column, Paris”

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