Book Review – Nemesis by Agatha Christie



(My Rating 3/5)

While the Joan Hickson Miss Marple TV series has long been a favourite of mine, this is actually the first Miss Marple book I have read, thanks mainly to my newfound interest in crime novels. I must say that I think this is one of those uncommon good adaptations of book to TV series.

In Nemesis, Miss Marple receives a posthumous request from an acquaintance of hers to solve a mystery for him. He doesn’t however give her any information as to what the mystery is! What a brilliant way to draw you into the book! I enjoyed Agatha Christie’s layout of the book with bits of information given at just the right moment, her writing style and of course the endearing character of Miss Marple. However the final outcome of the mystery was a bit of a letdown for me – it wasn’t extremely surprising. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the book a lot and will be reading more Miss Marple, especially as it’s been a while since I watched the show, so I’m sure I’ve forgotten what happens in most of the books/episodes.


Book Review – The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

(My Rating 2 / 5)


This is a nice book to read in a hilly, chilly, rainy place, which was exactly where I was, on a pre-birthday-long-weekend-getaway last week.

Dianne Setterfield has drawn inspiration from gothic tales to write The Thirteenth Tale and in keeping with the theme, the novel is replete with dilapidated mansions, unusual twins, hidden mysteries, ghosts and old ladies with secrets they’ve been hiding for decades.

Margaret Lea, who has written a few biographies on fairly obscure people, receives a letter from Vida Winter, one of the world’s most famous novelists. In the letter, Winter, who has always been evasive about her past, invites Margaret to document the “truth” about Winter’s life story – the aging author finally wants to reveal it all and for some mysterious reason, she has chosen Margaret Lea. Continue reading