Flowers in Ooty

When I visited Ooty and Conoor last month, there seemed to be beautiful flowers wherever I looked. The glorious winter sunshine enhanced the vibrant colours, making for numerous postcard perfect shots.

I usually like to take photos on my camera when I travel, but this time I had only carried my phone. The photos here were taken on my iPhone 5S and other than cropping some of them, they have not been edited at all.

I recently finished reading The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller, (read my review here) and the following lines from the book reminded me of these photographs:

“Eventually he began to see that light was what he photographed, not objects. The objects merely were the vehicles for reflecting the light. If the light was good, you could always find something to photograph.”

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Travel Theme: Fabric

A couple of years ago, in response to the Daily Photo PromptMastery, I had put up pictures taken at a sari-weaving unit in Varanasi, India. Here are some more photos – mainly close up shots of beautiful Banarasi silk saris – taken on that same trip.

The photos were taken at a sari shop, while the saris were held up like this:


This is a close-up of the sari above:




This is a close-up of the sari above:


A similar pattern to the one above, but with different colours:


Part of a beautiful blue peacock themed sari:


Inspired by:




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