Thursday Doors – A Tiny Door in Varanasi, India


This was taken in 2009, in one of the unbelievably narrow alleyways of Varanasi, India.

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A couple of years ago, in response to the Daily Photo PromptMastery, I had put up pictures taken at a sari-weaving unit in Varanasi, India. Here are some more photos – mainly close up shots of beautiful Banarasi silk saris – taken on that same trip.

The photos were taken at a sari shop, while the saris were held up like this:


This is a close-up of the sari above:




This is a close-up of the sari above:


A similar pattern to the one above, but with different colours:


Part of a beautiful blue peacock themed sari:


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Daily Prompt Photo: Mastery

A master craftsman at work - Varanasi, India

A master craftsman at work – Varanasi, India

During my visit to Varanasi in 2009, I was privileged to witness the ancient and painstaking art of weaving Banarasi silk sarees by hand. It takes years to perfect the art and a single piece can take months to complete.

Can I Do It All

Sadly, while these artists have the talent and commitment to create something so beautiful and intricate, their situation over the past few years has been an unenviable one, as is brought out in this news clip.

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